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Our organization believes in upholding the highest level of integrity with the programs, products and customer service offered to members and potential members. Our staff stands by these services and products that can be found on our website. We also warmly accept the recognition and recommendations that we have received from countless professional organizations. If a member of PALS Provider has a particular need that requires assistance from our staff, we request that the registered member contact us in a timely fashion so that we quickly determine how we can assist to resolve any concern or issue.

PALS Provider offers all registered members a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee applies to the two exams offered and any products offered on the website. If a member is for any reason unsatisfied with our products after ordering them, they may return the item/s in the original condition and receive a full refund. If a member is for any reason unsatisfied with either our certification or recertification programs, they may request and receive a full refund provided they do not complete the online exam and submit their answer selection. Members who request a refund after they have completed the exam and sent their answer selection will not be able to receive a refund as the digital certification documentation sent from our advisors cannot be fully retrieved once it is sent. It is the obligation and responsibility of every potential applicant to individually understand the requirements of their organization, institution or employer prior to purchasing the exam registration.

PALS Provider makes available online PALS exams for individuals to purchase, engage and earn a certificate card which states they have passed our specific test. Both the digital and hard copy cards that are awarded will not be endorsed, accredited or sent by the American Heart Association. The American Heart Association, at this time, does not endorse online examination. The programs that are offered through PALS Provider are, however, designed in accordance with clinical recommendations by the American Heart Association that can be found in the most current PALS provider manual.

Our organization accepts no responsibility in the even a member who has passed either of our exams uses unfavorable practices on a person who is in critical condition or requires medical assistance. PALS Provider makes no claims or intended assumptions that the exams offered should be viewed as a complete instructional rendering or an all-inclusive program for Pediatric Advanced Life Support. We highly recommend all individuals who register with our online exams to also attend local PALS training courses and to complete an in-person skills evaluation that is facilitated by American Heart Association instructors.

All individuals who purchase registration for the PALS certification or PALS recertification exams offered through, expressly agree to relinquish all responsibility, fault or liability of National Emergency Assistance for their actions and education received through Examples of actions may include but are not limited to: death, injury, accidents, negligence, incompetence, fatigue and mis-diagnosis. Actions are qualified as an application of contact either verbal or physical with a child, infant or person. By purchasing the PALS certification or PALS recertification exam, you are accepting full responsibility in all your current and future actions and will hold no liability to PALS Provider by National Emergency Assistance through whatsoever. Your purchase of either the PALS certification or PALS recertification exams is your acceptance of all the terms and conditions that are stated on this page.