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PALS Provider is proud to offer busy medical professionals and practitioners a convenient alternative to traditional PALS testing. We are confident in the services and products provided on our website and invite you to enroll in our accelerated programs to complete your PALS certification or to recertify. Unlike many other providers online, PALS Provider exclusively offers Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification programs. We believe in offering the highest quality products, exams and customer service to those that require this type of certification.

If you are interested in obtaining your PALS certification online, our exams are the ideal choice as they can be completed quickly and entirely from your computer. Our programs have received recognition and recommendation from hospitals, private practitioners, family practitioners, military installations and many others. Our goal has been and will continue to be to provide our members with convenient PALS programs that can be adapted to their schedules. We look forward to helping you earn or recertify your PALS certification.

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