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*Note: If you are required to complete a PALS certification course and skills evaluation that is endorsed by the American Heart Association, we now offer the new 2020 AHA PALS online instructional course. Simply pass the online program and then complete the in-person skills evaluation at an AHA-designated facility. It's the most convenient and ONLY online option if you require an AHA PALS provider card. To learn more about the AHA PALS provider course and purchase information, CLICK HERE.

Online: You can now complete your PALS certification or recertification entirely online. PALS Provider offers accelerated PALS programs that are designed for individuals with limited time in their schedule to take traditional preparation and testing. Our exams are constructed after clinical recommendations found in the most current official AHA PALS provider manual. Not all employers or organizations accept online PALS certification. If you require an AHA PALS provider card, please read below to determine your best option in order to acquire one.

Offline: Tradititional PALS preparation courses and testing is an ideal option for those who are interested in completing their first certification and/or are required to obtain an AHA provider card. Typically, the course will last for 2 days and cover the major aspects of Pediatric Advanced Life Support. Hands-on training is offered in most settings in order to provide the maximum realism for applicants. Once an individual has successfully completed the course, they will be required to perform a skills evaluation test by an American Heart Association instructor. Those that pass this last step will earn their AHA PALS provider card.

ECC Guidelines: When preparing for either an online or offline PALS course, it is necessary to ensure you choose a provider who tests with material that follows the most current ECC guidelines. PALS provider manuals are updated to include new clinical recommendations and/or new ECC guidelines that must be understood and followed. Both the online PALS exams offered on this website have been designed after clinical procedures and recommendations that follow the most up-to-date ECC guidelines. Get started today and recertify or earn your PALS certification online!