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The PALS certification exam has been constructed after the most current PALS provider manual which is endorsed by the American Heart Association and written in accordance with ECC guidelines. The exam does not require the applicant to attend an in-person skills evaluation in order to receive their provider card. It is however assumed that each applicant individually assess their understanding and take appropriate measures to ensure they are prepared to meet the needs of any potential circumstance that relates to Pediatric Advanced Life Support.  

Our PALS certification online is designed to be convenient for active professionals who have a busy schedule and need to quickly complete the requirements in order to earn their provider card. The exam is not timed and an applicant, upon registering, does not have a time limit in which they must complete the test and submit their answers. Our organization does not offer a PALS certification course online as we believe only in offering the official AHA-recognized PALS provider manual which you may order when signing up for the exam or individually.

The majority of individuals who register are able to successfully complete the exam in less than one hour; based on their level of preparation and experience. Our program offers unlimited free retakes of the test should your score be below the exam requirements. The PALS certification exam may be printed to allow the applicant to review the questions, study and then return to complete the test online. Although the test is not timed, it must be completed in one sitting as there is no option to save the answers selected and return at a later date to continue where it was last left off.

To get started in our PALS online certification, click the "Register Now" button which will take you to our check out. Once you have finished the registration, you will receive instant access to the online exam via a text link on the confirmation page and on the digital receipts sent to your email. The exam is made up of fifty questions that cover the basics of PALS training as well as more advanced critical care techniques and procedures. In order to receive your scores and potential digital provider card the same day, you must finish and submit your answers no later than 12:00pm PST.