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Why We are Unique:

PALS Provider is proud to exclusively offer 100% online Pediatric Advanced Life Support certification and recertification examination. Our programs are ideal for first-time applicants as well as practitioners who are looking to recertify. We present a unique opportunity for individuals who do not have the desire, time or flexibility in their schedule to take traditional PALS testing. The PALS online exams have been based on material found in and supported by the official PALS provider manual. This is the newest PALS provider manual which is endorsed by the American Heart Association and follows current ECC guidelines.

How to Get Started:

Most applicants can typically complete the PALS online certification or recertification exams in 1-2 hours or less. Once the quick payment and registration process is complete, the individual will have immediate access to the online exam. To begin the test, click on the text link provided on the confirmation page when the registration check out is complete. Our system will also automatically send a copy of the transaction details to the email address provided upon registration. This will contain the text link to access the online PALS course exam. To get started, choose from the either the certification or recertification options above based on your particular needs.

More About the Exam:

The PALS online tests are not timed. They can be taken from any computer with internet access. They are designed to be completed 100% online with no in-person skills assessment required. Each test is contrived of fifty questions which have four possible answers with only one being correct. Once all questions have an answer selected, the individual must click the "submit answers" button which will then alert our advisors to review the selection. Provided an exam is submitted within the time parameters, it will be graded the same day and a response, with possible digital provider card attached, will be sent back to the individual on or before 7:00pm PST the same day. Click the following link to learn more about our same-day-review policy.