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Complete your PALS recertification online today with our fast and convenient examination! The majority of applicants who register can finish the PALS online renewal is less than 1 hour; based on their prior experience and preparation. The exam is constructed after the official PALS provider manual which is fully recognized by the American Heart Association and follows current ECC guidelines. It is designed to be taken 100% online and requires no in-person class attendance or skills evaluation in order to receive your provider card. Simply register, pass the exam and receive your PALS provider card.  

Our PALS renewal course is designed for practitioners who are looking for a quick and convenient way to recertify. It is not a timed test and there is no required timeframe whereby an applicant must submit their answers. Additionally, the exam may be printed to allow the applicant to study while away from the computer and return to select the answers that have been previously chosen. The exam is made up of 50 questions with multiple-choice answers that cover standard PALS training curriculum as well as more advanced critical procedures and patient application methodology.

Each applicant who registers in the PALS online recertification will receive free same-day-review of their answer submission, provided they complete the test by 12:00pm PST during weekdays or by 5:00pm PST on Sunday - weekend submissions will be graded Monday morning and responded to by our staff. Our program allows free unlimited retakes for applicants who receive less than an 80% score. Upon successful completion of the exam, our staff will immediately send an email with results of the test and then another email shortly thereafter which includes the attached provider card. They will then instruct our shipping department to send a free hard copy provider card with free shipping to the destination address initially provided by the applicant.

To get started in our PALS recertification, click the "Register Now" button which will take you to our checkout page. Once you have finished the registration, you will receive instant access to the online exam via a text link on the confirmation page and on the digital receipts sent to your email.