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Welcome to our PALS accessories page. Please make your selection from the three choices below based on your specific needs. Each of these items are designed to be purchased individually and usually after an initial purchase of one of our online certification exams. If you require additional information regarding an item on this page, please do not hesitate to contact our staff so that our advisors may assist you.
PALS Provider Manual & CD -
Prepare to pass either the PALS certification or recertification exams with the official AHA-endorsed PALS provider manual. Both exams that we currently offer have been carefully designed directly after the material found within this manual. Written in accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics, this manual follows current ECC guidelines and is contrived of 132 interactive pages including an instructional CD. Shipping is in addition to the cost of the manual and can be chosen on the checkout page.
Hard Copy PALS Replacement Card -
If your original hard copy card has been damaged, lost or due to incorrect shipping information provided in the initial registration, order your replacement card here. This replacement card will be identical to the original hard copy version that is sent upon completion of the PALS exam. Shipping is in addition to the cost of the card and can be chosen on the checkout page.
Express Overnight PALS Card Shipping -
If you would like faster shipping then the standard free priority shipping for your hard copy card, you may order USPS Express overnight shipping here provided you complete your purchase before 12:00pm PST the same day. Orders placed after this time will be shipped overnight the following day.
Heartcode AHA CD Course -
The HeartCode PALS CD package has been designed for practitioners who require a PALS course that is endorsed by the American Heart Association. This online self-learning program is the most convenient way of obtaining an official AHA provider status. Once the cognitive online portion is accomplished including realistic pediatric patient scenarios as well as the full text from the PALS provider manual, each participant is required to complete a hands-on skills test with an official AHA PALS instructor. Upon completion of the skills evaluation each participant will receive their official AHA PALS provider card while avoiding the 2-day class.