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We are committed to protecting your privacy at any point in your communication, purchase or registration for the online examination. This page details how we ensure your personal information is securely protected. You can learn more details about the steps we take and choices that are available to you below.

On certain pages of, you can purchase products and register for an online exam as well as contact our advisors. The process we follow to ensure your privacy will apply to all correspondence - through phone communication, order registration assistance or a contact request. Information made available to our staff may include name, phone number, email, shipping address and billing address. Our secure cart system will not display your credit card number to any of our staff however to help expedite an order or registration, a staff member may request verification of your card details or assist through the ordering process whereby they may be made know your card details.

All credit card information is never saved, documented or written as a precaution to your privacy. In special circumstances, we may seek additional personal information to identify you or to confirm you have successfully passed our program or registration order requirements. The objective of requesting personal details is to help expedite either your order or registration process and to ensure the order is completed correctly. In rare instances, our staff may contact an individual to provide them an update on a package shipment or to assist in a transaction that requires a unique solution.

If you decide to contact our advisory staff, we will use the information received to respond and assist your particular query if it requires follow up. Our organization will never sell your information or abuse your privacy by soliciting products or services. We will never send promotional opportunities to your personal address or email address. We will never distribute or share your private information with an outside party or affiliation.

Our secure processing upholds the highest level of privacy and protection for our clients. Our members have been chosen based on their experience, background and integrity they bring to our organization. We stand by our procedures to ensure your personal information is secure.

If you need to revise your personal details that have been already submitted to our organization, please contact our staff at: After our members have verified your identity, they will be happy to assist your specific needs. If you would like to receive a fast reply to a general question about our program, please
CONTACT US through the standard form so that we may help answer your question in the order it was received.